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Privacy and registry compliance (GDPR)

This document is also in compliace with (523/1999) 10§ registry statement.

1 Registry holder
Atlantic Car Parts Trading Oy (inc), Suokarintie 29, 23200 Vehmaa
Reg. nr: 0139197-1
Phone: +358 (0) 44 733 0077

2 Registry enquiries
All enquiries will be acted upon as soon as possible. The legal time limit for responding to an enquiry is 30 days.

2.1 Registry manager
Hannele Holmberg

3 Registry name
Atlantic Car Parts Trading Oy (inc) (henceforth provider) sales and marketing registry

4 Why we collect data
Data collection and management is done to handle customerships properly, enable the provider to apply marketing procedures and to accord to compliances set by the local Finnish authority and the EU. We will not, not including what is stated below in sections 7 and 9, never hand out singular customer information to outside providers, agencies or persons.

5 Registry data
The registry can contain (but may not be limited to):
Name, E-mail address, Phone numbers, Organizational information of the customer and other contact details. The registry also contains the information on people and businesses who have opted out of communications.

6 Registry data collection points
The registry is compiled of the accumulated data of customer contacts – on the internet, in person, on the phone and from e-mail correspondance.

6.1. Registry data retention time and feasible limitation of data collection
The provider will adhere to collecting as little data as is needed for each individual service. The information will be stored for the shortest feasible time – this is the duration of customership in relation to the provider.

7 Registry data handouts
Registry data is, primarily, not shared with anyone outside the provider company. An exception is such a situation, in which the customer has intitiated the customership through a third party, for example an outside sourcing agent who will therefore have information on the customer’s data in relation to the provider.

8 Registry data management outside the EU
Singular, indetifiable customer information will not be transferred outside the EU. Clustered data may and will be shared with global platforms such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Facebook. The user can opt out of these data collection points by using the privacy settings on their browsers.

9 Registry data protection principals
The registry can only be accessible through the explicit permission of the registry holder, the provider. Court issues can override these permissions as stated by law and authority.

10 Right to enquire, change and delete customer data
Every person and business has the right to enquire upon, change or have their customership data deleted. These enquiries must be issued using the contact details in sections 1 and 2.1 of this document.

11 Rights of the customer
In compliace with Personal information handling laws 30§ the registrant has the right to opt out of all business communications with the provider.

12. Right to change this statement
The provider reserves the right to change this document as the provider understands to be necessary to conduct business. If there are major changes in relation to the customer’s data or methods relating to customer data, the provider will inform all customers of the change and ask for their compliance.

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